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EDVH Pack (Brown Sound)

EDVH Pack (Brown Sound)


This tone needs no introduction, its the famous EVH Brown Sound from the early Van Halen days.  The amp used was a Marshall 1959HW 100W Super Lead Plexi!!


This pack gives you full to bright mic positions and 2 different speaker cabs, to get you every possible early Van Halen tone from 1978 into the Van Hagar era.  Speakers used are Celestion G12M Blackbacks, G12M Greenbacks and the early G12T-75's, which Eddie used on the Fair Warning and 1984 albums.


We faithfully recreated Eddie's effects in the Kemper, like the Eventide Harmonizer H910, Phase 90, Flanger, and even the Echoplex EP-3.  In this pack is the tone we have all been chasing, so chase no more..

* Kemper Profiler OS 8.5+ required

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