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The 59' Bassman, the father of the Marshall JTM! Everyone knows that the Fender 59' Bassman is one of the most legendary guitar amps of all time, the amp circuit that Jim Marshall copied to make his very first Marshall amplifiers.


The 59' Bassman has glorious cleans, like most Fender amplifiers, but not everyone know that with the right pedals in front the Bassman it can be an absolute rock monster!


Profiles include the Bright, Normal and channels Jumpered. Profiles range from beautiful cleans, to broken up classic rock tones, all the way to full on Marshall gain with several pedals that were used in the profiling process. Pedals used are a mix of vintage and modern reissues including:


1991 Marshall Shred Master

Ibanez TS808HW

Boss SD-1w (Waza)

ClinchFX EP-PRE (Echo Plex Preamp)

BYOC Silver Pony (Klon Clone)


Cabinet: Attached 4x10" combo cabinet with Jensen P10R speakers

Microphones: Shure SM57 and Sennheiser 421


Visit YouTube to hear sound clips.

* Kemper Profiler OS 8.5+ required

Latest Sound Clips

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