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Claimed by the man himself, the BE-50 Deluxe 3-channel tube amplifier is the best amp he's ever made.  By combining the clean channel of the acclaimed Buxom Betty amplifier with a pair of BE (Gain 1) & HBE (Gain 2) -style dirty channels, the BE-50 Deluxe covers a truly expansive sonic range.


Tones ranging from Fender cleans, all the way to modded Marshall tones and beyond, this amp is truly a masterpiece!


45 studio and 13 direct profiles, with 2 classic 4x12' speaker cabiniets. 


Cabinets:  MRSH 412 with Celestion Greenbacks and a Bogner 412SL with Celestion V30's

Microphones:  Shure SM57, Sennheiser 421 and a Royer 121

* Kemper Profiler OS 8.5+ required

Latest Sound Clips

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