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Do you love classic rock and 80's guitar Plexi tones? Then this is the profile pack is for you! The Friedman Smallbox has the best modern take on Marshall Plexi tones, and the BE channel takes the modded Marshall tones over the edge.


60+ studio and 12 direct profiles, with 3 classic speakers. There are even a few custom profiles aimed at some classic and iconic Plexi tones!


Cabinets Used: MRSH 412 with Greenbacks, MRSH 412 with 70's Blackbacks and a Bogner 412SL with Vintage 30's. Microphones used: Shure SM57 and Sennheiser 421.

Visit B Little Profiles on YouTube for sound clips.

* Kemper Profiler OS 8.5+ required

Latest Sound Clips

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